Is your precious pup spending an unusual amount of time time hanging around by the pond? Is poochy looking a little green around the gills? Does fido seem a little feeble? My friend you've got trouble. Trouble with a capital "T". What's the canine equivalent to catnip? i-6271b750fa40bfcdda6c8bb1896e7927-238377637_97e648ba59_m.jpgPicture by ... Read more
Yikes, I've spilled some DHMO on my hands! What do I do now? Do you know the truth about DHMO? Look at this web site and tell me if you still want to go swimming. Read more
PZ tells us that the people in Kensington have strong opinions about who discovered North America, and you can learn about them at the Kensington Runestone Museum. But I can top that. I saw an authentic Viking ship replica in Duluth, MN. And if you're ever in Duluth - better remember this (whether you believe it or not is immaterial) - It was Leif Erikson, in 1000 AD, not Christopher Columbus. Read more
On Tuesday night, we learned about a new animal. It's shy, elusive, endangered, and a bad choice for a sixth grader's animal report. It's the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. They have an FAQ page and photos, so it must be true. Read more
Chad Orzel posted a cute bit about True Lab Stories: The Party Game. I like these things because, yes, they make it clear that those of us who do science put coffee cups on top of our cars and drive off, just like everyone else. For those of who are thinking about careers in science, you don't always have to be brilliant, what you need is perseverance. I can share one story from the lab where I ... Read more

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