A few weeks ago, I asked if you, dear readers would be able to tell the difference between a computer scientist and a serial killer. Now, I've seen the crowds at the UW computational biology seminars and I've also seen pictures of serial killers in the newspaper. I don't think it would be easy to tell the difference if you had to rely on looks alone. I also wondered if some people might be better at this than others. A surprisingly large number of people (290!) completed the ... Read more
Reposted from Halloween 2006. Since Ben shared his family's taxonomy of candy types, and it's Friday, after all, I thought I'd share some of things that we do with candy around our house and describe some fun things that you can do with candy at home.i-c8e12594c8e6324919584154d2ccf530-candy_pile.jpg ... Read more
Can you tell the difference between the sort of person who would write a programming language and a serial killer? It's getting close to Halloween so this is a good time to test your powers of detection. Malevole has a lovely survey that asks if you can tell whether a person is a famous computer scientist or famous for another reason. I'm interested in whether biologists as a group are able to tell the difference. If you'd like to play: 1. Go take Malvole's survey first,

2. Then come back ... Read more
Thanks to Steven Colbert you can hear about DNA directly from Dr. Spencer Wells from the National Genographic Project. I read about this video in the GenomeWeb Daily Scan and had to check it out. Who would have thought scientists could be so funny? ... Read more
I found that one of the most challenging things in moving from an academic institution to a software company was getting used to the difference between software engineers and biologists. Now at last, we biologists can start to understand the mysterious ways of software engineers with this helpful reference from Silicon Glen. Although, maybe we biologists do have something in common with the software engineers after all. I agree about on the talking frog. It would be pretty cool! Read more
Biologist 1: How many physicists does it take to write a research paper?
Biologist 2 (looks at the citation above): "all of them?" I wrote about the challenges that biologists and computer scientists have in deciding ... Read more
In academic biology, scientific publications are a serious thing. People battle over positions in the author list and debate endlessly over who should be on the paper and who should not. The funny thing is that sometimes we think that our rules and standards apply to other fields of science and assume that our conventions are, well, conventional. If they're true for us, they must be true everywhere, right? I was surprised, for example, when I learned that one of our (former) programmers didn't know there was a difference between peer-reviewed publications ... Read more
Not content with his recent exploits in human experimentation and cavorting with Plosites in San Francisco, Professor Steve Steve jetted across the country once again, last week, hitting both both Blacksburg, VA and Seattle, WA, and creating pandemonium wherever he went. And raising the question - how does he get back and forth across the coast so quickly? Will you find out ... Read more
At the Seattle Art Museum's new sculpture garden, we can read all the signs.

The artworks are easily offended.

Professor Steve Steve, recently accused of consorting with a certain Washington madam came clean today with an alibi that he claims, proves the allegations are nothing more than malicious lies. Dr. Steve insists that he was at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center doing experiments with teachers! And he has the photos to prove it! Professor Steve Steve, the only panda with a Myspace page does seem to hit more locations in a night ... Read more

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