Happy Birthday!
Is it PZ Myers or Captain Barbosa in disguise?Read more
Long ago, I worked in a large lab that was divided into several small rooms. For part of that time, I shared one of the small rooms with a graduate student from Taiwan. She was a wonderful person who taught me that many cultural norms are not normal in other cultures. One moment stands out. She sneezed. "Gesundheit" I replied. She stared at me, clearly puzzled. "What?" "You know, it's a word we say when people sneeze. It keeps demons from running up your nose" If she looked puzzled before, now, she was clearly alarmed. I could see her sneaking ... Read more
Yesterday, I posted a memorial for Ron Mardigian, an enthusiastic champion of science education at Bio-Rad. Today, I scanned RPM's blog and what do I see? A choir! Bio-Rad has produced a really funny music video. It reminds me of the music video from "We are the World," except some members of the choir are holding PCR machines and singing about the wonders of PCR! ... Read more
This wasn't in the lab, but it was an accident, and it was funny later on. Normally, I wouldn't think twice about storing bacterial cultures in a refrigerator. After all, bacteria on a petri plate, inside of a plastic bag, are kind of stuck. They can't get out of the plates, and even if they did, they certainly can't crawl out of a plastic bag. I thought soil bacteria, on agar plates, were mostly harmless. I was wrong. ... Read more
You're not likely to see the Twisted Chipmunk Christmas Song on the big screen this weekend. i-70d893139af4bc294681e99cae79eaa9-Chipmunks thumb large.jpg But, if you liked ... Read more
White Trash Christmas. This is the perfect antidote to the Frosty, Rudolph, and The Little Drummer Boy overdose.i-19dbd9740972156d78df4b4ad5076aaf-WhiteTrash thumb large.jpg From the Seattle animators, formerly known as ToonedIn, now ... Read more
Lots of new and curious gift selections are available this year for those of you who had a dog or know a dog owner. All kinds of interesting doggie presents are showing up, like doggie DNA tests and special nutrigenomic doggy diets. And of course, nothing tops the gift of fake testicles for the dog who's never quite recovered from the big operation. It's true, the Bleiman brothers were the first to bring up the idea of presents for pets by suggesting the kitty toilet trainer as a holiday ... Read more
I know it's strange! I never thought I would actually go to web sites (intentionally!) to watch computer ads. But the Mac guy is so cute! And the ads with Mac and PC are sooo funny! I think these little film clips rank right up there with Steven Colbert and The Office. What think you? Read more
or E. coli, or perhaps a little Giardia (just to loosen things up, of course), or maybe even Herpes. i-989b33e70cc1f6594d6dc025bc986fea-tie.pngAll these scary pathogens become works of art, when Infectious Awareables puts the images on neckties. And what could be funnier ... Read more
Judging from their groans and moans, I think sometimes that it's hard for kids to grow up with two scientists as parents. Still, over the years our kids have come to accept (and ignore) that we seem to babble in some kind of strange code peppered with discussions of DNA, software, and lately something called "Next Gen." We'll cook dinner and start reminiscing about PV=nRT. Our youngest daughter will try to mix water and oil for brownies and one of us will contribute cheerfully: "Like ... Read more

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