It justs gets weirder and weirder.
You can find more of the story and more puppy pictures here. H/T to Jennifer - one of ... Read more


Leave it to those wacky Korean cloners. In December 2008, scientists from Gyeongsang National University gave us fluorescent kitties. Now, we have cute little puppies! These aren't the first cloned pets on the market, we have stores that sell glowing fish. But these clones have a bit higher price tag. For $50,000 Bernann McKinney got 5 new "Boogers" from RNL Bio; "Booger McKinney," "Booger Lee," "Booger Ra," "Booger Hong and "Booger Park." That's $10,000 a Booger! Still, who can resist these cute little boogers?

I don't have a picture of the puppies anymore, but they were ... Read more

Microbiologist develop some strange habits when it comes to food. Some take a fatalistic approach. They reason that microbes are everywhere, we're going to die anyway, we might as well eat dirt and make antibodies. You know these people. They quote things like the "10 second rule" when food drops on the floor, tell you we're all getting asthma because we're too obsessed with cleanliness, and let their dogs wash their dishes. Eeew. With a few possible exceptions, I'm in the other camp. I'm the one who freaks out if the cover is left off the salad dressing during ... Read more
"Let this sleepin' dog lie, son. Dog-gone it, I'm dog tired. I'm tired of leading the dog's life and fightin' likes cats and dogs against cats and dogs, a young pup's doggin' my trail tryin' to become top dog. I'm going to the dogs in a dog eat dog world, son. I... I'm so far over the hill... I'm on the bottom of the other side. " ... Read more

Pet cloning is back!

The look

Pets are funny things.

Some owners find their pets to be closer than some human friends, other owners never really bond with their pets at all. BioArts, a California biotech company, founded by ex-CEO of the now defunct Genetic Savings & Clone, is counting on the ... Read more

What are you learning in school? xkcd has the inside track on the really important stuff.
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Is it real or is it April Fools? The March 21st issue of Science has an interesting news article by Elizabeth Pennisi and a letter to the editor about a proposal to wikify GenBank. Currently, the NCBI holds the original authors responsible for editing or correcting entries and this does cause problems when those authors fail to return to the scene and fix what they've submitted. Some researchers are suggesting that third parties be allowed to fix some of those mistakes or at least add comments to records, to warn the unwary. There are some good arguments on both sides and it' ... Read more
We used to love watching him blow stuff up on TV. But things are different now.... GrrlScientist has the movie.Read more
It's a good thing my 13 yr old doesn't read my blog. Why? Because I'm on to her. Being a biologist, well, acronyms are my life. And, for a long time, I've been able to interpret some of the lingo that she uses on AIM. Lately, we've certainly been having our little talks about cell phone bills for texting and the things she can around the house to earn the right to keep her phone. But now I'm empowered. I have a dictionary. Watch out kiddo! Read more

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