cubical world

The auditorium could have been empty as I focused on the slide overhead. Questions formed out the mist, and my heart pounded as I took a deep breath and began to my raise my hand.

"Da da da dah!  Da da da dah, da da da da da da da dah!!" 

Oh, NO!  The theme song from Indiana ... Read more
Long ago, I worked in a large lab that was divided into several small rooms. For part of that time, I shared one of the small rooms with a graduate student from Taiwan. She was a wonderful person who taught me that many cultural norms are not normal in other cultures. One moment stands out. She sneezed. "Gesundheit" I replied. She stared at me, clearly puzzled. "What?" "You know, it's a word we say when people sneeze. It keeps demons from running up your nose" If she looked puzzled before, now, she was clearly alarmed. I could see her sneaking ... Read more

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