BLAST for beginners

BLAST for beginners introduces students to blastn, a commonly used tool for comparing nucleotide sequences (DNA and RNA).  This popular tutorial shows how to do a blast search with a nucleotide sequence, highlights information in the search results, and shows how to interpret the E value and alignment scores.  

The complete set of materials consists of:

  1. 1. The BLAST for beginners tutorial.
  2. 2. A set of unknown sequences.
  3. 3. A set of questions for students to answer.
  4. 4. Instructors may purchase an updated answer key from our TpT store or download a free copy by signing up for a Digital World Biology educator account.

  5. 5.  Learn about our new teachers guide: BLASTing through the Kingdom of Life Teachers Guide


Funding for this project was provided by the National Science Foundation's Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement Program under grants DUE-0088153, DUE-0127599, from Bio-Link, an NSF Advanced Technology Education Center, and from the AC2 Bio-Link Regional Center.

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***We updated both the BLAST tutorial and the Blasting through the kingdom of life activity.  August 2016.