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Technology is deceptive. Great solutions often result in products and services that fail to gain widespread adoption because they are either addressing very small markets, or are overly complicated, undistinguished, or too expensive for their intended customers.

These situations are particularly acute in genomics and bioinformatics. Biology is complex, and while this complexity creates an abundance of opportunities for specialization, unique products often fail because too few customers want them or cannot justify their value. In the other extreme, research and clinical assays often utilize common approaches that can be supported by domain-specific platforms, but these products quickly gain competitors and fail to become distinguished enough to capture reasonable market share. Finding the right balance requires that a deep understanding of biology and technology be combined with extensive experience working in several market segments from basic and translational research to clinical applications.   

We help our customers develop business strategies, design information systems, and execute their plans. As biologists with a deep understanding of software, we help companies seeking to develop new products and services, as well as research groups identifying solutions to problems they seek to solve. Our résumé includes 30 years of successful bioinformatics software product development and research experience.

General services include proposal (research and SBIR/STTR) development, market validation, and technical planing and implementation.  Examples of customer engagements and specific services are provided below.  

Bioinformatics Sevices

Examples of clients and services provided

Client Services provided
Building a software/service company Develop product positioning and value propositions. Identify market segments, customers, and business partners.
Creating a new database Identify applications and develop value propositions. Identify market segments, customers, and business partners.
Developing methods to interpret data Identify the appropriate low level tools (algorithms, filters, databases). Source commercial or open-source solutions, and collaboratively develop the appropriate summaries and reporting interfaces. Assist in developing knowledge bases to support on-going projects. 

Genomics Services

Examples of clients and services provided

Client Services provided
Building a service laboratory Perform market research to develop a scalable strategy. Identify technologies and informatics solutions for laboratory management and data analysis.
Building a clinical laboratory  Assist with determining assay targets. Identity current states of knowledge and determine appropriate technologies and informatics solutions. 
Conducting research Evaluate and design methodologies, identify suitable technologies and services.
Creating a new technology Identify appropriate applications, initial markets, and early adopters.


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