Digital World Biology Services

Digital World Biology’s education-based services include community development, teacher training, and bioinformatics workshops. In addition, we provide technical and business consulting service in genomics and bioinformatics.


Supported by thirty years of academic and industrial experience in research, software development and customer engagement, Digital World Biology provides business and technical consulting to help organizations develop strategies for genomics and bioinformatics businesses and research endeavors. Consulting services are under the leadership of Todd Smith PhD., (@finchtalk) who founded the bioinformatics software company Geospiza and led the firm  through its acquisition by PerkinElmer in 2011.

Community Development

Digital World Biology is experienced in developing community-centered websites and communication support tools needed to recruit and engage active participants. We use a modern web-based content management system to create web experiences that evolve with community participation. The community site and are flagship examples that demonstrate the kind of resource that can be created as participants and developers come together with a common goal to develop a living resource. 

Course Development

We provide assistance in developing short and full (quarter, semester) courses tailored to meet your needs. Similar to our community development, we employee a web-based content management system to engage students. Through this platform, teachers communicate with students and post lectures and supporting materials. A unique strength is the ability to provide inquiry-based instruction that allows students to learn modern biology using several bioinformatics resources. Other value-added capabilities include user forms, quizzes, and specialized datasets that increase learning through active communication, self directed testing, and exploration.  

Professional Development & Teacher Training

Additional product support, course development, and other activities are provided through our workshops. Each year, we conduct several workshops at the Bio-Link summer fellows forum. Additionally, we work with groups to teach our courses and can provide customized training upon request.