Overview of Genetic Research Unit

The Bio-ITEST genetic research curriculum is designed for high school students in grades 9-12.  In a series of nine lessons plus an optional wet lab, students are introduced to the idea of using genetic information to identify species through a process called DNA barcoding.  Students also learn how genetic information and bioinformatics tools can be used to study species' relatedness. Through this curriculum, students:

  • Learn how to compare and align DNA and protein sequences
  • Use sequence information to identify from which species the sequence came
  • Perform multiple sequence alignments to compare relatedness among species
  • Understand the complementary nature of DNA and the six potential reading frames of DNA
  • Work with molecular structures to understand how a poison binds to the active site of a protein
  • Communicate their findings by writing a research report
  • Explore ethical issues related to funding genetic research
  • Learn about bioinformatics careers
  • Work through activities to assess understanding

Download Genetic Research Overview (pdf)

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