Sept. 30 2016 Bio-Link webinar: Genome editing with CRISPR / Cas9


Come learn about CRISPR / Cas9 and how it's used for genome engineering.  Dr. Sandra Porter, from Digital World Biology, will co-present with Dr. Thomas Tubon, Madison College, WI in the 2016 Bio-Link webinar series. 

Date:  1 pm EDT, Sept. 30th, 2016 


Together CRISPR and Cas provide bacteria with an adaptive immune system that allows them to identify and defend against new viral invaders. While characterizing the basic biology of this system, researchers discovered that the Cas9 protein could be harnessed to engineer genomic DNA. In this session, we will discuss the basic biology of the CRISPR / Cas system and discuss how researchers are using this system in new ways to engineer living things.
We will explore molecular models of Cas proteins bound to CRISPR RNA and DNA from the Molecule World iPad app.


A collection of these structures can be found in Digital World Biology CRISPR / Cas structure collection.

Digital World Biology's Structure Collections

Want to try your own exploration?  Check out our tutorial on Understanding the CRISPR Cas system.


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