Nov 20 - CAST, Science Teachers Association of Texas Meeting

Digital World Biology will attend the annual CAST: Science Teachers Association of Texas Meeting in Dallas TX this November 20-22. We will have a booth  (number 449) and Sandra Porter has a presentation, (below) with Jennifer Lazare, on "Connecting Educators From High School to Higher Ed to Bring Biotech to Everyone!" At the booth we will have our iPads to demo Molecule World™ 2.0  (MW) and MW DNA Binding Lab™.

screen shot from MW 2.0New MW 2.0 capabilities include: 

  • Rainbow coloring mode to visualize the orientation of chains
  • Sequence viewer to help students connect sequence to structure and function
  • Ability to select individual residues, complete chains of residues, and other kinds of chemicals 
  • And many other improvements

Presentation information: 

Title:  Connecting Educators From High School to Higher Ed to Bring Biotech to Everyone!

Description:   Austin Community College has a rich history of training and certifying high school teachers so they can bring biotechnology into their classrooms. Come learn about their mentoring network that involves community colleges, 4-year universities, and regional centers, and how they interface with model high school biotech students and teachers. Find out how to join this supportive group, and hear more about efforts to institute a Biotechnology certificate in high schools across Texas.  

Speakers:   Jennifer Lazare & Sandra Porter (Digital World Biology LLC) 

Time:   Saturday, November 22, 2014 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Room: Cortez Ballroom A



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