Feb 12, The AAAS Community College Forum: Innovations That Prepare Students for STEM Careers


Digital World Biology will participate in the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Community College Forum: Innovations That Prepare Students for STEM Careers meeting in San Jose CA on February 12. Todd Smith will participate in a panel on Bioinformatics Education and Undergraduate Research in the Community College." He will give an introductory presentation entitled "Workforce Needs and Bioinformatics Education"

Session Information

Thursday, 12 February 2015: 8:00 AM-4:00 PM Room LL21AB (San Jose Convention Center)

Organized by AAAS Education & Human Resources Programs and City College of San Francisco

The AAAS Community College Forum on educational programs will highlight cutting-edge curriculum for use in biotechnology post-secondary education, as well as innovative programs that prepare students for technical careers and further education. Community college based Advanced Technological Education (ATE) programs and educators play a vital role in preparing post-secondary students for entry into the scientific workforce in emerging technology industries including research and development, diagnostics, regulatory affairs, homeland security, and sustainable energy production and management. Biotechnology education curriculum areas include laboratory techniques, industrial biotechnology, green biotechnology and agriculture, nanotechnology, homeland security, and bioenergy and biofuels. This day-long session will include plenary panels, a student poster session, and interviews with students.

Logistical Contact: Yolanda George, AAAS

Bioinformatics Education and Undergraduate Research in the Community College Panel 10:15 am to 11:30 pm  

Students who enter the life science workforce will be increasingly called upon to use and analyze data as part of their work.  They will be expected to have the computer, analytical, and visual literacy knowledge and skills that allow them to find scientific data, query databases, analyze data in a variety of ways, and interpret and use that data for making decisions.  In this session, we will discuss the knowledge and skills that are needed, present models for helping students develop those skills and share the workforce experience from a student perspective.


  • Todd Smith, PhD, Head of Business Development, Digital World Biology LLC, Workforce Needs and Bioinformatics Education
  • A student from Dr. Wendie Johnston’s program at Pasadena Community College, Bioinformatics in the Workforce:  A student’s perspective
  • Richard Johnston, Pasadena Community College, From industry to the classroom perspective
  • James Hewlett, PhD, CCURI Director, Finger Lakes Community College, NY,  DNA Barcoding and Undergraduate Research at Two-year Colleges
  • Rob Hatherill, PhD, Delmar College, TX, Research at National Labs
  • Gisele Georgi, PhD, Merritt College, CA, Microscopy Program
  • Carin Zimmerman, PhD, City College of San Francisco, Stem Cell InternshipHost lab PI/Mentor

Visit the meeting website to register.

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