Exploring structure function relationships with molecular models: Life Discovery Conference, Mar 19


Dr. Sandra Porter, from Digital World Biology, will talk about using molecular models to explore structure function relationships at the Life Discovery conference, March 18-19, Baltimore, MD.

Conference Track: Connect to Careers in research and practice, Connect learning to current events

Intended Audience: Grades 9-12, Undergraduate: Lower Division, Undergraduate: Upper Division

Concepts: Heredity, Heredity — Inheritance of Traits, Heredity — Variation of Traits, Structures and Processes, Structures and Processes — Information Processing, Structures and Processes — Structure and Function, Evolution, Structure and Function

Competencies: Analyzing and interpreting data, Asking questions for science, Constructing explanations for science, Developing and using models, Engaging in argument from evidence, Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information, Planning and carrying out investigations, Apply the process of Science, Communicate and Collaborate with other disciplines, Use modeling and simulation

Description: We have found the combination of a low-cost, user-friendly, molecular modeling app (Molecule World on the iPad or Cn3D), and the availability of over a hundred thousand molecular and chemical structures in public databases has made it possible for almost any class to work with and use molecular models to develop, test hypothesis and communicate their results from scientific investigations. In this workshop, participants will learn how to use molecular and chemical models as tools for discovery, explore multiple techniques for working with models, and learn how to annotate models for lab reports and presentations.  During the workshop, we will explore the structural basis for the development of breast cancer, drug resistance in influenza, experiments to determine the orientation of the capsaicin receptor, and the reason why certain residues are conserved through evolution in cytochrome C oxidase.

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