Digital World Biology Synergizes with Synbiobeta Oct 3-5, 2017


The SynBioBeta SF synthetic biology conference is back for its sixth year in San Francisco. The conference will have 16 sessions, 60 speakers, and 30 exhibitors — 16 of which have names that begin with Syn! This year Digital World Biology is partnering with Synbiobeta to help attendees visualize their molecular tools and their salient features.

In order to modify enzymes to perform specific reactions and engineer new biological pathways, biologists must have a deep understanding of the relationship between gene sequences and the structures they encode.  We will be demonstrating how one can identify which parts of a protein are encoded by different exons, simple tools for determining if a drug might bind a selected target, and methods for comparing different versions of a protein to better understand the effects of a genetic change. We will also show how CRISPR / Cas9 target DNA.  Come with your questions and let’s explore!

Image:  The above image shows the beta subunit of human hemoglobin as portrayed in Molecule World.  Different coloring options are used to which parts of the protein are encoded by different exons. The most common form of sickle cell anemia is associated with a genetic change that replaces a glutamic acid at position 6 with a valine.  A recent paper in Nature described using CRISPR/Cas9 to correct this mutation.

Get Molecule World from the App store and join us. 

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