ASMCUE 2018: Drug Discovery and Zika Virus

Fri Jul 27, 2018

Bioinformatics methods tap into some amazing technologies and resources but the real power of these tools isn't always clear to our students.  This talk will focus on using a combination of protein blast and molecular modeling to identify amino acids in a drug binding site and predict whether a different protein will be likely to bind the same drug.

In talk, I will demonstrate how existing drugs might be repurposed to treat viral infections. Learn how students can apply bioinformatics tools like BLAST and Molecule World to address real-world problems and make discoveries.

Your students can use public data to discover new ways to use existing drugs.  

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to find information in the NCBI database about Zika virus and Zika virus reference sequences
  • How to find structures from similar viruses, that are binding to drugs
  • How to determine if those drugs are likely to bind to Zika virus



Sandra Porter
  Digital World Biology, LLC


Reference materials:  

The NCBI Virus Variation Resources:

Molecule World on the iPad


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