Table of Immunology Databases

Table of Immunological Databases from the NAR archive Jan 23, 2019 and discussed in Bio Databases 2019: Immunology.

Key: Red = resource is likely not active, or not a database Gray = resource(s) is/are part of a larger resource

*Initiated was determined from either a page copyright, earliest publication about the database, or other information on the website.  

**Last update was determined from either a specific update note, site news information, or most recently available data download. 

Name URL Brief Description Database stats initiated* last update**
AAgAtlas Galaxy instance  no na na na Web page no na na na antigens yes yes 2010 ?? antigens yes no 2002 ?? antigens B-cell epitopes yes no 2005 ?? Neutralizing HIV-I antibodies yes yes 2013 2014 gone na na na na Ig annotated with antigen, heavy light chain pairings yes no 2012 ?? antigens and antibodies that interact yes no 2005 ?? macrophage gene expression yes yes 2017 2017 haptens - small antigens yes yes 2006 ?? tumor antigens yes yes 2004 2005 antigens, epitopes, BCR TCR MHC yes yes 2004 2019 gone na na na na moved to NCBI, NCBI moved to clinvar, so gone na na na na broken na na na na query page yes yes   ?? BCR TCR sequences - The IGMT page yes yes 1999 2019 immune related networks - systems biology yes yes 2015 ?? innate immune system interactions, systems biology yes yes 2013 2019 collection of dbs on polymorphisms yes yes 2003 2018 related to above        
  ditto antigen peptides and MHC yes yes 2002 2006 mouse models of immune processes and disease yes no ?? ?? protective antigens yes yes 2010 2019 antibody structures yes yes 2014 2018 haptens - small antigens yes yes 2007 ?? germline Ig V genes, human and mouse yes yes 2003 2006


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