Using spam to break bad news

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Sandra Porter
i-27cf079f775070ff0ac284b81cd3a70f-10.1371_journal.pmed.0050213.g001-M.jpgI probably shouldn't find this amusing, but... Back a few years ago, a friend of mine worked at a biotech company in Seattle that had large windows looking out onto Puget Sound. They always cheered when the Navy ships came in, 'cause they knew it meant they'd have more work. Tom Joe has a funny post about the same topic, with a different twist. He's not talking about learning your status through any sort of laboratory test. He suggests using e-mail. UPDATE: Since Bora pointed out the PLoS article in the comments, I thought I should add some of the pictures from the article. I love the quote on one of them, "its' not what you brought to the party, it's what you left with." Oh yeah, and if you should need a postcard, you can get one at

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