Time to Submit: Mendel's Garden Blooms Here on Sunday

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Sandra Porter
i-34fd3d0a3102c246d604706c85f667b1-mendelsg.jpgMendel's garden in Bruno, CZ, may be too far for physical travel, but you can still imagine what Mendel might have thought if he'd gotten a look at this version of his vision. Maybe I'm taking alliteration a little too far, but that doesn't mean that you have to show any restraint. All you have to do is submit to me by late Saturday afternoon and sometime on Sunday, you can see the fruits of your labor posted here in technicolor. Send 'em in everyone - I want to see GENETICS at it's best: digitalbio at gmail dot com UPDATE: Just to be absolutely clear, Mendel's Garden is a carnival of genetics. This is a broad topic - and goes beyond Mendelian genetics into molecular genetics, genomics, phylogeny, etc. But there is a common theme: submissions should be related to genetics.

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