SciVee: more beta than YouTube?

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Sandra Porter

or maybe seminars on parade?

They're calling them PubCasts, but I don't think I'll be watching them in a pub.

Seriously, SciVee is kind of cute, and has lots of potential down the road, and even has a few unintentional moments of humor right now, but....

It's a bit distracting. I can't watch these without imagining that the speakers are standing on tiptoe, desperately trying to peak their heads above the large bits of text that appear mysteriously on the screen and can't be removed.

Considering the technical glitch, it's just a bit ironic that many of the movies are from the PLoS journal of Computational Biology. Somehow I would have thought that someone would have tested these on Firefox before the launch.


Or maybe computational biologists just need more practice using software.