Mysterious lab protocols: Film at 11

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Sandra Porter
You've probably heard about enterprising researchers attaching cameras to dolphins, dogs, and other animals, in order to learn how things look from the critter-point of view. Now, some enterprising lab rats have added a new twist to this technique. It's lab cam! From Attila Csordas , we have a report about researchers documenting their work through film in an unusual way. They put on a funky-looking hat with a digital camera attached and film their hands doing the experiments. There's even a short movie made by John Cumbers from OpenWetWare, on preparing Drosophila embryo chromatin for use in microarrays. At last, we have the technology to go beyond our written notes and solve some of those mysterious technique questions about why some people couldn't isolate DNA even if they were given a tube of salmon sperm DNA as starting material. I don't know how quickly this will catch on, but it's a nice start. 11/5/2006 Correction: the movie maker was John Cumbers and not Sri Kosuri. Thanks Attila!

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