Middle School Essay Contest 2006-2007

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Sandra Porter
How does biomedical research impact you? Have you (or has someone in your family) benefited from vaccinations, pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, surgery, or transplants? How does biomedical research affect the health of your dog, cat, or other pet? How might biomedical research touch your life in the future?
Do you know any middle school students who are interested in the life sciences? If they can write an essay, they might be able to win a prize. If you know any middle school students or teachers in Washington, Idaho, Montana, or Oregon, let them know about the NWABR middle school essay contest. Winning students are eligible for cash prizes and get to tour a world-class research institution with a parent and teacher. Awards are also given in an 'English as a Second Language/English Language Learners' category for students with five years or less of English learning. Judges are needed, too! Scientists (including graduate students and post-doctoral students), science educators, and science writers are all invited join the group of judges. Or, if you don't have time to be a judge, sponsorships are still available! The topic is: 'Biomedical Breakthroughs and My Life' The contest is sponsored by the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research. What are students expected to write about?
The contest asks students to focus on how research has impacted, or has the potential to impact, someone they personally know. This could include describing the development of veterinary treatments (pets), or the process by which commonly used drugs are developed. Entries should address the importance of biomedical research and how animal models and/or human clinical trials contribute to medical breakthroughs.
When are the entries due? Entries are due March 19th, 2007 but NWABR is asking teachers to fill out a form at their web site, indicating that they intend to participate by Dec. 1, 2007. Check out the NWABR web site for more info.

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