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Sandra Porter
For the record: Chlamydia is NOT a virus. I am bummed. I like the little MicrobeWorld radio broadcasts, and the video podcasts are even more fun. But I was perusing the archives and I found this:

I could ignore this if it came from a different source, but MicrobeWorld is produced with funding from the American Society for Microbiology!

Microbiologists are supposed to know the difference between bacteria and viruses. It's part of our training and big part of what we do.

I know, as scientists we're always supposed to follow the mantra of "buyer beware" and "be skeptical of everything," but as a teacher, and an ASM member, I would like to think that you could relax a little when you're working with a credible source.

I would like to believe that I could tell students to go listen to the MicrobeWorld podcasts without worrying that I'll have to correct the information later on. But, that fantasy is not to be. If the MicrobeWorld editors can't pick out things like this that are blatantly wrong, I guess I'd better be careful about using their podcasts.


but wait, maybe this is an opportunity in disguise? I could use this podcast as a quiz. I could ask students to listen the broadcast and find the mistake. I just can't recommend that high-school teachers, or teachers without microbiology degrees, use these since with a big mistake like this, I'm worried there are more.

*****UPDATE****: I sent an e-mail to MicrobeWorld and the mistake was fixed within the hour! What a response! It turns out that mistake was in the program summary, and not the program itself.

Microbiology instructors: if you find any mistakes in the program summaries, rest assured, you can send an e-mail to MicrobeWorld and they will make quick amends.

My faith in the microbiology community has been restored.

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