A lovely Sunday in the garden

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Sandra Porter
i-e56bbbe39fca38ba141ccdad11201cf6-berries.jpgAugust is the time when gardens look their best. Fruit becomes showy, flowers abound, and plants are large and plentiful. Mendel's Garden #4, currently blooming at The Inoculated Mind, is no exception. Evolgen pointed this out, so I had to go take a look. I enjoyed this trip through the experimental garden at UC Davis. It's a nice change to see someone with a scientific bent planting such a spicy garden. It was interesting to learn about how genetic engineering saved the papaya industry in Hawaii and the strains of flood-resistant rice. Karl's own gardening experiences were enlightening, too. It was funny that people would complain about the mental stress they experienced from viewing the sign posted in his garden. What's not so funny, is that many of the people I've known, who are opposed to biotechnology in the plant world, are so uninterested in learning about the science of it. Ah well, another day, and another tour. i-34fd3d0a3102c246d604706c85f667b1-mendelsg.jpgCheck out the garden tour schedule to find out more about future times and gardens.

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