Korean scientists clone cats that glow in the dark!

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Sandra Porter
This is a-mewsing.
(Photo Credit: Gyeongsang National University)
i-2a8176eb9d9ceb7a6d62affbf6d42a4f-GlowCats_270x202.jpg When Genetic Savings and Clone shut their doors it looked like wishful cat owners were going to be out of luck and short of kittens.

Never fear, the South Korean scientists at Gyeongsang National University have come to the rescue. I couldn't find all the details in the news articles but it appears that they inserted a gene for red fluorescent protein into a somatic cell from a cat, transplanted the cell into an egg cell, put the egg into a female cat's womb and a few weeks later, voila!, lovely white Angora cats that glow in the presence of a black light. The only question now is how long will be before you can buy a glowing cat to match your fish?

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