Holiday shopping with the geeks

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Sandra Porter
Usually, I wait until the end of December to take care of holiday-related shopping and shipping. This year, I've resolved to do better. This year, I'm hoping to ship holiday gifts before Christmas. Fortunately, my SciBlings have come up with lots of great holiday recommendations to help you share science gifts with those you like and love. I've compiled some of those suggestions here and I'll keep adding new ones as the month proceeds and people post them. Before we indulge the material world though, I'm going to add a quick suggestion to consider the non-trash producing, field-trip, kinds of gifts like memberships to science museums, aquariums, and zoos. Gifts that make memories are wonderful things. If those gifts won't suffice, since we all live in the material world, and some of our friends and kids have passed the stage of being excited by Saturday morning trips to the science center, there are other options. Let's see what the SciBlings have to say about holiday giving. Shelley wants a brain. Not a jello brain, like the ones that you can make with Archie McPhees' jello molds. Oh no. Shelley wants hers to be knitted . And you'd better not forget the corpus callosum. Greg Laden suggests the ever popular orgasmo alarm clock for those with trouble waking up. i-5746ed283ec72e2c010dfa57bfae5f1d-microscope.jpg PZ has some great advice on shopping for a holiday microscope. I, oops I mean the kids, have a Swift microscope (ours is in the picture on the right). We bought at Science, Art, and More in Seattle. It's great! Last, Mo, from Neurophilosophy recommends a book, BibliOdyssey, compiled from brain images from the internet. And, if you're a do-it-yourself kind of person, I have some ideas and instructions for making your own science-themed coffee mug. More later. Added 12/3/2007: From Ed Brayton, we have the talking Larry Craig doll. The doll insists that it's not gay. I don't know if it can tap it's foot. One the Bleiman brothers at Zooillogics has identified the must-have gift for cat owners. No, it's not a catnip mouse, it's a cat toilet training kit. And, they have a funny video of a cat actually using it! I don't think my cats would go for that sort of thing, but it would be amusing to try it out. I wonder if Razib has ever tried to toilet train his cats. Added 12/5/2007: Janet suggests pretty rocks (well, okay, maybe they're semi-precious gems), guidebooks and magazine subscriptions. After all, when people ask you about the difference between a dolphin and a porpoise, don't you want to know that answer? Me? I say "Never go anywhere without a porpoise." Steve suggests the walking brain. This sounds like some kind of horror movie! And Janet reminds us that there are children in the developing world who still don't have laptops! Yee gods, how do they chat?

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