Help high school kids do genetic engineering and make glowing bacteria

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Sandra Porter
Why should professional scientists have all the fun? i-ac01bf3290c4fd272ad38e404e606bc4-gfp_bacteria.pngResearchers have been engineering glowing cats, and selling glowing fish at pet stores. High school kids can do genetic engineering too, if they have the right equipment. And you can help them get the equipment by contributing to our DonorsChoose fund drive. If you're willing to help students, they'll be able to do biotechnology in the class room and learn about DNA. They'll put genes for green fluorescent protein into bacteria and see how that bit of invisible liquid in a test tube gets used to make a glowing protein. Even better, SEED magazine will be contributing money as well, making the impact of your donation grow. And did I mention prizes? There could be prizes, too. Either contribute to my challenge (below) or any of the others listed here. If you do donate $10 or more, forward your receipt to You can win some nifty stuff like a subscription to SEED, flash drives, exclusive Sb mugs, and other stuff.

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