Great science teachers one and all

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Sandra Porter

Science Blogs has asked: What makes a good science teacher?

Many of the science teachers that I've met can't really be described by the adjective "good." The better fitting words are: great, marvelous, inspiring, and fantastic.

But, SBer's want to know, "what makes them so great?" Right?

I've compiled a list of characteristics that I've seen all great science teachers share. And, since this group rarely gets sufficiently rewarded beyond seeing themselves in the annual edition of the Bio-Rad Explorer catalog, I'm even going to name names and give examples.

What characteristics do great science teachers have in common?

They're self-confident and able to create an atmosphere that gives students the confidence to try new things.
     Penny Pagels, Erin Dolan, Bill Woodruff

They inspire others.
     Mary Bicknell

They are willing to try new things.
     Linnea Fletcher, Sonia Wallman

They have vision.
     Tamara Goetz, Elaine Johnson, Charlotte Mulvihill

They are willing to step back and let students do things.
     George Cachianes

They're not afraid of chaos.
     Jim deKloe, Joan Messer

They are altruistic and caring
     Wendi Johnston, Tracy Stoops, Jeanne Chowning, Maureen Munn, Nancy Hutchinson

They're able to get students interested in new subjects
     Jim Fielder

They're enthusiastic about new scientific discoveries
     Mary Glodowski, Connie Kelly

They never hesitate to share what they've learned and help others learn, too
     Ellen Daugherty, Lisa Seidman

They don't patronize their students. They believe that all students can learn and they find ways to get all students involved.
     Judi Heitz

They have a great sense of humor.
     Dewey Moody

Since I know I've missed some well-deserving teachers, maybe I can get my readers to help out here. If you've had a great science teacher, some time in your life, hey, be brave, go ahead and say something nice about your favorite science teacher(s) in my comment section.