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Sandra Porter
Some of my fellow bloggers and I have been following the fall out from an Op Ed piece in the Washington Post on the NSTA's refusal to mail 50,000 copies of the "An Inconvient Truth" DVD to it's members. You can read earlier posts: here, here, and here. Today, the NSTA confirmed that they never said David couldn't provide the film free to NSTA members, it's just that they don't mail out third party materials to members without their consent or request. From the NSTA pressroom:
On November 29, 2006, NSTA's Board of Directors held a telephone conference to review Ms. David's request. In an effort to accommodate her request without violating the Board's 2001 policy prohibiting product endorsement, and to provide science educators with the opportunity to take advantage of the educational opportunities presented by films such as this, NSTA has offered to greatly expand the scope of the potential target audience identified in her initial request.
They also published a letter to David detailing some of the items in their new and expanded offer: (paraphrased below)
1. Provide a link on the NSTA website to allow middle and high school teachers to obtain a free copy of the DVD from Ms. David. 2. Provide an opportunity to purchase their mailing list. 3. Announce the availability of the DVD through the NSTA Express, the NSTA Building a Presense for Science online newsletter, and other channels. 4. Provide the opportunity to exhibit at the National Conference on Science Education in St. Louis, MO. 5. Create an online message board, open to members and non-members, focusing on global warming.
It all looks pretty standard. It will interesting to see how Ms. David responds.

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