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Sandra Porter

i-ba347d980e861564c774555d0a24afcf-phone.jpgIt was only a couple of weeks ago but it seems like years. I had spent a month learning how to use most of the features on my shiny new phone and we were in Alaska using Google maps to find our way around Fairbanks.

My thumbs were getting sore, but so what? I could a give a slide show on my phone, I could read my Gmail messages, and we could find a friend's house in the Google map satellite view and amaze our older relatives with the thrill of technology.

I'm not even a materialistic, gadgety sort of person, but I was in love.

And now, well, maybe you guessed it.


We went to the Apple store on Saturday and spent an hour playing with the iPhone.

Suddenly my brand new Razr isn't as shiny and cool anymore. Google maps look so much better on the iPhone and so does everything that comes from the web.


We logged in to the Finch Suite to see how easy it would be to look at chromatogram data and trace files. It was great! My husband even started demonstrating our software to the saleswoman in the Apple Store on the iPhone.

Think of it! We could order sequencing reactions, look at our DNA sequencing data, and easily identify sequence polymorphisms on an iPhone! And it was sooo easy.


I used my Razr to take these pictures. Funny, how suddenly my shiny new phone became so old and clunky and hard to use.


My husband says I shouldn't feel so depressed. After all, we spent an hour playing with the iPhone and never once made a call. And to be fair, we were using the WiFi network in the Apple store, so I don't know how well the Apple network works once you try to use the iPhone in the wild.

All I know is that I know what I want for my next birthday.