Favorite stories from 2006

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Sandra Porter

It's been quite a year since I joined ScienceBlogs in June and there've been many interesting things to write about.

Here's a sampling of your favorites (and some of mine) from month to month.


  • Hello Kitty! or Don't Eat Me, I Study Genetics!
    The story of the endangered Florida Panthers and the danger of getting confused between preserving the signs of inbreeding and preserving a species.
  • I also gave a workshop for teachers in June at the Bio-Link conference. So, June has quite a few posts about Bio-Link.




  • White people are mutants
    Insights about human genetics race learned from mutant zebrafish.
  • It's not the subject, it's the teaching discusses the lack of teacher preparation at the college level. This post led to a series of posts on science teaching which will be continued in 2007. Just like Orac is interested in evidence-based-medicine, I am interested in seeing more evidence-based teaching.


  • Tales from the lab
    I went a little crazy on Halloween, what can I say?
  • Will the real jellyfish please stand up?
    Do science journalists and the companies that sell educational materials have a responsibility to portray science accurately? This post discusses the case of green fluorescent protein and jellyfish.