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Sandra Porter
or, better yet, enjoy the fine selection of summer carnivals.i-6367a561995c6cf0f62d19c83cf67844-clown.jpg In no particular order, we have: Bio::Blogs#3 Hosted this month by mndoci (aka Depak Singh) at business|bytes|genes|molecules, Bio::Blogs is a carnival of articles at the intersection of biology and computation. If you are interested in life science informatics, digital biology, computational biology, or any spin-off, thereof, check out the reading material. And, definitely consider sending me a link if you've written anything on the subject that you'd like to submit for next month's edition. Send submissions to digitalbio at gmail dot com. If you'd like to volunteer to host Bio::Blogs, send a note to bioblogs {at} gmail {dot} com. Mendel's Garden Even if you can't make a pilgrimage to the physical garden in Brno, Czech Republic, you can still still learn about genetics from the carnival named after the famous monk. This month's garden tour departs from Evolgen. Don't be late. Tangled Bank Tangled Bank is the grandaddy of all science blog carnivals with a wider, more diverse and sometimes less molecular collection. TB Volume #61, hosted at Epigenetics News, is no exception and well worth the look. There are some fun pictures from BioCurious that illustrate a common microbiology game, Name that Contaminant!. Hmm, I think I've grown some of those red slimy things.

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