Congratulations to Oklahoma City Community College!

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Sandra Porter
GenomeWeb reports that OKCC and the University of Utah's Genetic Science Learning Center received NIH funds for genomics and bioinformatics education projects, respectively. Congratulations are certainly due to the University of Utah. For a community college, on the other hand, to get NIH funding is very unusual and OKCC should be commended. From GenomeWeb:
The NCRR said it will fund the Oklahoma City Community College $540,000 for the "Biotechnology/Bioinformatics Discovery" program, which focuses on professional development in life sciences informatics teaching techniques, particularly in underserved areas.
I think this is wonderful, too, because I've been to OKCC a few times to give teacher workshops on bioinformatics. The head of the OKCC program, Dr. Charlotte Mulvihill, is simply amazing. She is a long-time member and participant in Bio-Link and she has worked hard to increase the opportunities for students through building a solid program in biotechnology education. Congratulations OKCC!

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