A Bustard is not just a bird

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Sandra Porter
It's a Solexa data directory. I've held off on blogging about Next Generation Sequencing here, but now that one of my colleagues has started blogging about it, it seems like a good time to write a little about FinchTalk, our company blog. We've decided that we can serve an educational role for people who are interested in Next Generation DNA Sequencing. Certainly, FinchTalk is our company blog and it is a place where you can expect to read about our products. But, we've noticed that quite often, the sexy technologies and fancy graphs get the press and the practical aspects - how do you keep from having to clean up the data? how do you link data to samples? how do you find a specific file when you have thousands of them? - get ignored. If you want to learn about the mysteries of Bustard, Gerald, and Firecrest and find out what they do, you can go to FinchTalk and find out more.

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