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Sandra Porter

A few months ago, I made a new page for a more complete blogroll. Now, that my class is over and I have a break from traveling around leading workshops, I'm ready to add some links.

Other bloggers; Bora, Mike the Mad, PZ, Janet, DM, and Abel; use a nice technique called "blogroll amnesty" where they offer other writers a chance to be on their blogroll. I like that.

So, to paraphrase Mike:

If you link to me and you're not a creep, let me know and I'll return the favor (instructions below). For those you who've written to me and asked me to add you to the list, here's your chance.

Add a comment with two lines, the first with the blog name, the second with the html code. Here's an example:

Discovering biology in a digital world

I'm looking forward to reading some interesting stuff.