2007 Bio-Link Summer Fellows Workshop

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Sandra Porter
It must be spring. Summer course announcements are popping up everywhere and this site is no exception. Last Friday, I posted an announcement about our summer bioinformatics course in Alaska, June 27-29th. This week, I have a couple more conferences to announce. Naturally, I'll be at both of them, leading hands-on workshops for college and high school teachers in using the technology. Today, I want to tell you about the Bio-Link Summer Fellows Workshop, June 4th-8th Berkeley, CA I became involved with Bio-Link ten years ago when I was running the biotechnology program at Seattle Central Community College. Since that time, I've seen many of the people I've met through Bio-Link go on to accomplish amazing things with starting new programs, non-profit institutes, writing books, and providing leadership in many ways not only in biotechnology education, but science education as a whole. If you are thinking of starting a biotechnology program, or you just want to learn about the state of the art in biotechnology education, the Bio-Link Summer Fellows Workshop is the place for you. I wrote quite a bit about last year's Bio-Link conference and Bio-Link members, if you'd like to learn more about Bio-Link, and the kinds of people that you're likely to meet at the conference, be sure to check out these posts: Send your application in soon, the information is at www.bio-link.org.

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